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Create Clean Water and Happy Fish with API Stress Coat

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Create Clean Water and Happy Fish with API Stress Coat

Whether setting up a home-aquarium for the first time or introducing new members to an aquatic community, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy environment for your scaly friends.  Taxing factors like transportation, the addition of new fish or a change of water can leave a pet more susceptible to injury and invasive bacteria.  API Stress Coat can help combat these challenges by removing harmful chemicals in the water and promoting the healing of any wounds that may have occurred along the way.

Why Stress Coat?

Fish have a naturally occurring "slime coating” called glycocalyx, which serves as a line of defence to protect them from invading germs.  It also helps to heal small wounds and torn fins. Occasionally, during times of trauma such as being mass-transported or netted and handled, this slime coat becomes disturbed and the fish is left susceptible to pathogens in the water.  The lack of this natural protective coating can easily result in wounds that do not heal, eventually suffering from secondary infection.
Additionally, chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine and ammonia that are commonly used to disinfect public water supplies create a toxic environment for aquariums. These chemicals are added to make our drinking water safe, but are harmful for aquatic life.   And since most fish owners obtain their tank water directly from the tap, it needs to be properly conditioned to remove these toxic chemicals.
Using API Stress Coat can promote the regeneration of a fish’s slime coating, while additionally conditioning the water to remove chlorine, break down chloramines and neutralize heavy metals.

How it Works

API Stress Coat contains sodium and sulphides that help reduce the loss of important electrolytes through the gills, scales and any wounds on a fish.  It works to form a synthetic slime coat to envelop the fish, thereby promoting healing and the regeneration of any damaged tissue.  The healing properties of aloe vera help aid in this process by reducing inflammation and speeding up tissue re-growth.  Aloe vera’s secret weapon is its mucopolysaccharides, an essential and active ingredient present in every living cell.  It works by forming a protective layer that prevents the absorption of harmful toxins into the bloodstream.
Simultaneously, API Stress Coat improves the quality of the water by removing harmful chemicals.  Adding 2 tsp per 10 gallons to the tank does this simply and easily, either when making partial water changes or when topping off your aquarium with either fresh or salt water. 

When To Use API Stress Coat

API Stress Coat is useful in the event of:
  • adding new fish
  • setting up an aquarium
  • handling or transporting fish
  • adding or changing water
  • treating fish for injury or disease
Whether an avid pet owner or store manager, if it’s trillions of tetras or your one beloved pet Goldie, maintaining the health of the tank and its fish is crucial.  API Stress Coat does this effectively while reducing fish stress by 40%, making for an easy transition to the aquarium and a long life for your pet.